„Navigating the nuclear abyss“ - Commissioner Steve Pifer publishes in the IPG Journal

| op-ed

Deep Cuts Commissioner Steven Pifer recently published an article on „Navigating the nuclear abyss“ in the IPG Journal, based on the latest issue brief of the Deep Cuts project. In his article, Pifer asks to which extend the end of nuclear arms control can still be averted. He dives deep into the current dynamics that are undermining nuclear arms control and sheds light on Russia's decision to suspend the New START treaty with the United States and the simultaneous increase of China's nuclear arsenal. Pifer warns urgently of the consequences of inaction and emphasizes the need for a renewed commitment to arms control. He calls to look at historical precedents, particularly the lessons learned from previous US-Soviet talks on strategic weapons, and emphasizes the inherent risks associated with uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear weapons. He argues for proactive measures to prevent a dangerous escalation of nuclear tensions and emphasizes the need for multilateral cooperation and diplomatic engagement to maintain global security.

The article was released on the IPG website in English, German and Russian.