The Young Deep Cuts Commission (YDCC) is a group of twelve young arms control experts from Germany, Russia, and the United States. The Young Deep Cuts Commissioners come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds and share a commitment to improving international peace and security through arms control and disarmament. The Young Deep Cuts Commission develops fresh ideas to strengthen and revitalize nuclear arms control and disarmament and promotes them through publications and outreach activities.

YDCC is part of the Deep Cuts project, an independent, nongovernmental initiative, which provides decision-makers as well as the interested public with concrete policy options based on realistic analysis. The Deep Cuts project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

You can contact the Young Deep Cuts Commission via E-mail:


Young Deep Cuts Commission @YoungDeepCuts
Young Deep Cuts Commission

@grace_kier1 @Stanford @YaleLawSch Congrats Grace! 🚀🚀🚀

Ksenia Pirnavskaia @pirnavskaia
Ksenia Pirnavskaia

In the new #NuclearPepTalk, @VCDNP research associate, resident safeguards nerd, and the Duke of Safeguards, @atomic_yozhik discusses @iaeaorg #safeguards. Watch to learn about the important role safeguards play in the nonproliferation regime. ‼️Link:

UK Project on Nuclear Issues @UKPONI
UK Project on Nuclear Issues

🎉We are thrilled to welcome back our network to this year's Annual Conference on 7 June! Our first panel will feature @sarabndtzn (@YoungDeepCuts), Lucy Millington (@AWE_plc) and Liv Mudal El Baz (@warstudies) #UKPONI2022. Learn more about their work:…

Young Deep Cuts Commission @YoungDeepCuts
Young Deep Cuts Commission

This is pretty cool! 🥳 Congrats to @YoungDeepCuts member @JaworekPatricia.…

Artem Kvartalnov

I understand perfectly that measures suggested here would be hard to implement in the present political context. But let us give it a try - step by step.…