Deep Cuts Working Paper #2 Verification Lessons Learnt


Over the past half-century, the world has gained a great deal of experience with the verification of arms control agreements. With a few notable exceptions, these efforts have been successful. In addition, capabilities to carry out monitoring and verification have improved substantially. Nevertheless, emerging new and more difficult arms control goals, such as further reducing U.S. and Russian strategic and non-strategic nuclear  weapons, will require more innovative and intrusive techniques and lessons can be learned from a number of arms control agreements.

In this paper, Edward M. Ifft summarizes the lessons learnt from the verification of arms control agreements and links them to the goal of deep nuclear reductions. Special emphasis is placed on the New START Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation.

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About the Author

Edward M. Ifft has served on U.S. delegations to the SALT, TTBT, START and CTBT negotiations, was the Senior State Representative to both the START and CTBT negotiations, and served as Deputy U.S. Negotiator to START.