The Arms Race of the Future, Today, by Commissioner Acton

The U.S. is building a Space Age hypersonic weapon that could strike anywhere in the world in 30 minutes. Now China wants one too. Click here

Commissioner Kühn on The Relevance of Nuclear and Conventional Arms Control to European Security Tod

In his article for the ELN, Deep Cuts Commissioner Kühn poses the critical question of what the future goals of arms control policies in a largely hostile West-Russian relationship should be in the upcoming months and years. Click here

Презентация основных положений доклада

в Вашингтоне состоялась презентация первого доклада трехсторонней Комиссии по проблемам глубокого сокращения ядерного оружия. Click here

Commissioners' Statements at Brookings Event Now On-Line

The opening statements of Deep Cuts Commissioners Kühn, Miasnikov, Neuneck, and Thielmann at the Brookings Institution are now on-line. Click here

Public Security Blog on Deep Cuts

The German Public Security Blog reported about the Deep Cuts Commission (in German only). Click here

Reaching Critical Will on Deep Cuts Side-Event to the NPT PrepCom

In its NPT News in the Review (p. 6), RCW reported on the discussion of Deep Cuts Commissioners at the side-lines of the NPT PrepCom 2014. Click here

Ploughshares Fund on Deep Cuts Report

Cutting Nuclear Arsenals Will Increase Euro-Atlantic Security, the Ploughshares Fund Blog on Early Warning reports, referring to the First Report of the Deep Cuts Commission. Click here

NATO Watch Reports on Deep Cuts Release

The independent NATO Watch initiative just reported about the release of the First Deep Cuts Report. Click here

Deep Cuts Broadcast Coverage on RTVi

The Russian RTVi broadcast channel covered the Deep Cuts Report release. See the statements of Commissioners Pifer and Miasnikov from minute 3 onwards. Click here

NTI Global Security Newswire on Deep Cuts Panel

NTI Global Security Newswire reports on the Deep Cuts Commission and the released Report. Click here

Listen to Report Release Discussion at Brookings

On Monday morning of April 28, Deep Cuts Commissioners Pifer, Kühn, Neuneck, Miasnikov, and Thielmann presented the First Report of the Commission at the Brookings Institution. You can now listen to their presentations and the ensuing discussion. Click here



Deep Cuts Report On-Line

Four years after the conclusion of the New START Treaty, the United States and Russia continue to maintain nuclear arsenals far exceeding the requirements for deterrence. Even before the current tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine and Crimea, differences over other security questions had stymied progress on further nuclear arms cuts. It nevertheless remains important that policymakers in Washington, Moscow and European capitals continue to explore ideas for promoting greater stability and predictability at lower levels of armaments. The 21-member U.S.-Russian-German Deep Cuts Commission has formulated proposals to achieve further arms control and nuclear risk reduction to enhance national, Euro-Atlantic and international security. Read more ...


Register Now for Report Discussion

At a side event to the Third Session of the NPT Preparatory Committee, Deep Cuts Commissioners Miasnikov, Pifer, Kühn, and Neuneck will discuss the Deep Cuts Report's findings and recommendations together with H.E. Ambassador Michael Biontino, Permanent Representative of Germany to the Conference on Disarmament.

Register Now for Report Release

On Monday, April 28, 2014, Deep Cuts Commissioners will present the First Report of the Deep Cuts Commission "Preparing for Deep Cuts: Options for Enhancing Euro-Atlantic and International Security" at the Brookings Institution.