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At a side event to the Third Session of the NPT Preparatory Committee, Deep Cuts Commissioners Miasnikov, Pifer, Kühn, and Neuneck will discuss the Deep Cuts Report's findings and recommendations together with H.E. Ambassador Michael Biontino, Permanent Representative of Germany to the Conference on Disarmament.

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On Monday, April 28, 2014, Deep Cuts Commissioners will present the First Report of the Deep Cuts Commission "Preparing for Deep Cuts: Options for Enhancing Euro-Atlantic and International Security" at the Brookings Institution.

Commissioners on the Future of Arms Control

The escalation of the armed conflict in Syria has been a painful reminder of the need to strengthen arms control and non-proliferation efforts. The European perspective on arms control is still shaped by the experiences of the Cold War.

Save the Date: Deep Cuts Report Release at Brookings

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On April 28, the Brookings Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative will host the release of the Deep Cuts Commission’s first report, “Preparing for Deep Cuts: Options for Enhancing Euro-Atlantic and International Security”

Arms Control Helps Contain the Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine crisis has plunged U.S. and Western relations with Russia toward a post–Cold War low. The damage will continue for some time, especially in the event of a Russian military incursion into eastern Ukraine.

Hold the Date: Deep Cuts Commission to Release 1st Report

Four years after the conclusion of New START, the United States and the Russian Federation still deploy nuclear arsenals that far exceed what is needed for deterrence. Even before the deep tensions over Russian actions in Ukraine, a difference over a range of security challenges have stymied progress on further nuclear reductions.

Commissioner Pifer on Obama's Nuclear Arms Legacy

Speaking on Prague’s Hradčany Square on April 5, 2009, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for managing nuclear arms.

Greg Thielmann Assesses the Real U.S.-Russian Problem

Heart-breaking images of repression by brutal regimes in Syria and Ukraine, both backed by the Russian government of president Vladimir Putin, convey the impression that a long slide is underway toward Cold War levels of animosity between Washington and Moscow.