Hold the Date: Deep Cuts Commission to Release 1st Report

Four years after the conclusion of New START, the United States and the Russian Federation still deploy nuclear arsenals that far exceed what is needed for deterrence. Even before the deep tensions over Russian actions in Ukraine, a difference over a range of security challenges have stymied progress on further nuclear reductions.

Commissioner Pifer on Obama's Nuclear Arms Legacy

Speaking on Prague’s Hradčany Square on April 5, 2009, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for managing nuclear arms.

Greg Thielmann Assesses the Real U.S.-Russian Problem

Heart-breaking images of repression by brutal regimes in Syria and Ukraine, both backed by the Russian government of president Vladimir Putin, convey the impression that a long slide is underway toward Cold War levels of animosity between Washington and Moscow.

Commissioner Meier and Simon Lunn on TNWs

Strenuous efforts are currently being made to control the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and to reduce existing stockpiles of such weapons. New talks on Iran’s nuclear program have resulted in an interim agreement that could lead to a comprehensive solution of the conflict over how to better control Tehran’s nuclear efforts.

Release of Deep Cuts Working Paper #2

Emerging new and more difficult arms control goals, such as further reducing U.S. and Russian strategic and non-strategic nuclear weapons, will require more innovative and intrusive techniques and lessons can be learned from a number of arms control agreements.

Deep Cuts Project Partners are pleased to announce the release of the second Deep Cuts Working Paper by Edward M. Ifft on "Verification Lessons Learnt from Strategic Arms Reductions".+



Commissioner Pifer Assesses Iran Deal and Missile Defense

Would an Iran deal obviate the planned European Phased Adaptive Approach on ballistic missile defense? Deep Cuts Commissioner Steven Pifer assesses possible consequences.

Oliver Meier and Colleagues: The case for rethinking NATO missile defense plans

Scarce defense resources, different opinions within NATO, and the latest Iran talks all speak for a pause in the development of the EPAA, Deep Cuts Commissioner Meier and German colleagues argue.

Commissioner Thielmann: Iran's nuclear program needs negotiated solution

In his take on the Geneva talks with Iran, Deep Cuts Commissioner Greg Thielmann advises to continue searching for a diplomatic solution. Renewed sanctions would derail that process, he argues.