Deep Cuts Project Side Event at the NPT RevCon

On August 10, the Challenges to Deep Cuts Project organized a side event at the 10th Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Participants and panelists at the event “Reducing nuclear risk and nuclear arsenals in times of tension in Europe“ discussed the importance of resuming nuclear arms control talks, ways to lower the risk of conventional crises going nuclear, and the role of civil society and youth in these processes. Panelists Angela Kane (Nuclear Threat Initiative), Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Association) Andrey Baklitskiy (UNIDIR), and Patricia Jaworek (Nuclear Threat Initiative), from the Deep Cuts Commission and Young Deep Cuts Commission offered ideas on what NPT states parties can do to support progress on these key issues.


More than 60 diplomats and civil society representatives attended the event at the New York UN Headquarters, which took place against a dire situation on nuclear arms control. Bilateral talks between Russia and the Unites States on a successor agreement to New START remain in limbo. Russia has also suspended inspections under New START. However, Washington and Moscow have signaled principled willingness to resume the talks and panelists highlighted the importance of getting back to the negotiation table as soon, as possible. It was pointed out that progress on nuclear disarmament remains at the core of NPT Article VI obligations.