Fourth phase of the “Challenges to Deep Cuts” Project

In the context of this current fourth phase, the Deep Cuts Commission shall be dedicated to introduce, present and discuss the elaborated proposals and recommendations of the last three cycles of its project with the new US Congressional staff and the incoming US administration. Thus, the dialogue on the future arms control agenda and the challenges of European security shall be further strengthened and presented effectively to a policy audience. Moreover, half a year after the publication of its last report, the Deep Cuts Commission shall have the opportunity to discuss its outcomes in the light of newer political developments, clearly addressing current threats and challenges. The idea is to engage the transition team of the incoming US administration and the new Capitol Hill staff about the situation in Europe within the context of US-Russian relations, including the debate about options for and challenges to arms control. For this purpose, we will hold meetings and give presentations in March 2017 following the Carnegie Nuclear Policy Conference in Washington D.C.